Massage Therapy

Massage is the oldest medical therapy (3,000 BCE). It was considered a sacred practice of natural healing able to improve appearance, strength, physical and mental balance.

As a complementary therapy that supports your health rather than as a luxury treatment, massage aims to enhance overall wellness through managing pain, injury prevention and reduction of mental and emotional stress.

Nowadays, massage therapy is considered a key part of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) and is increasingly used for medical purposes.

Modalities Offered

person touching person's belly

Pregnancy Massage

Can help relieve muscular pain, insomnia, anxiety and improve relaxation. Massage will be performed on your side and the pressure used can go from gentle to deep. Available after the first trimestre (week 12).

C-section massage

Overgrown scar tissue from a C section can cause pelvic organ dysfunction, incontinence, back pain or lower abdomen tightness. Once the scar is fully closed, treatment is advisable to reduce the formation of adhesions. Optional acupuncture around the scar can improve the visual appearance.

ballet, ballerina, active

Under 18

Kids and teenagers involved in sports or dance, can suffer from injuries or muscular tension. Massage works on the soft tissue to prevent injuries and relieve tension and pain.

man sitting near gray steel roller shutters during daytime

Oncology massage

Massage is safe and beneficial for patients who are living with cancer. It can help reduce general discomfort, muscle ache, anxiety and stress. It is important to remain calm and relaxed during treatment and recovery to support the healing process and reduce any potential inflammation caused by stress.